Uncover your inner motivations using the V-circle method

Why gain insight into your inner motivations? Because inner motivations drive 90% of what we do, so knowing them is actually a clever thing to do. Insight into our inner motivation will make us more effective as a professional and human being!  

Personal effectiveness is like an iceberg, only a small part is visible, the rest is hidden below the surface.

The iceberg symbolizes the factors that determine our personal effectiveness in life and work. The 10 % visible part, represents our knowledge and skills. The large invisible part represents our inner motivations; the unconscious part driving 90% of our behavior. It is not our knowledge and skills, but our inner motivations that ultimately determine our success and satisfaction in life and work or…….. “sinks the ship”.

Professionals or managers who understand what unconsciously motivates them, will know the pros and cons of their automatic approach to situations at work. They will be more ready to adapt their behavior to get the results they want. Besides being more flexible and effective, they are more relaxed and easy in the communication with others.

>> See an example of how revealing inner motivations can solve problems at the workplace. 

How to uncover your unconscious inner motivations?

What motivates a professional to postpone things, to avoid conflicts, to be too stuck on principles or the opposite, be too flexible? In her book “The best version of Yourself!”, Dutch psychologist, Monique Schouten (director of V-circle Academy), clearly explains how inner motivation drives human behavior.  - An English translation of this Dutch language book is in preparation-.  To reveal people’s unconscious inner motivations and beliefs, she developed the so called V-circle model. Based on the enneagram, nine personality Types exist. Each  Type is motivated by a unique V-circle, consiting of 4 psychological drivers; the Temptation, telling you what psychological ideal your behavior must serve under all circumstances ;  Avoidance, defining what you definitely want to stay away from in your behavior; Defense, which helps you to deal with the avoidance should you not be able to avoid it;  and Addiction, which is the most unconscious driver motivating you to go for your Attraction, 24 hours a day.

As soon as you become aware of your personal V-circle and how it operates, you realize what your ‘perfect world’ looks like, what ideals you chase and how you  create your own frustrations and issues day after day. You then become really motivated to adjust your limiting believes and get most out of yourself and life