Jill Stel, chef de bureau, PALS GROEP BV.
Peter gave a 3-day leadership training on how to manage difficult professionals. Normally I get quickly bored by trainers, but Peter was inspiring and gave a me a lot of new perspectives and strategies during 3 days in a row. My compliments!

San Diego, USA. personal effectivity training for employees of Eurogentec Inc.
I thought your training was very personally and professional helpful and informative – Thank you, Tiffany.
I truly enjoyed and learned from the training. I know that this will be of great value to my professional as well as my personal life. - Thank you – John Brugger.
I found the training extremely helpful, not only from a work related standpoint but also at a personal level. Thanks again, you are a very positive influence. – Jeanette.
Thank you for an encouraging and enlightening training session. I very much enjoyed it. You are enthusiastic, energetic, honest and open minded. -Catherine.
Thank you for introducing us to a method for personal improvement. I have not found similar types of exercises beneficial. But, your instruction and choice of exercises were engaging, enlightening and thought provoking. As our guide, your excitement for personal improvement and growth set the correct tone of encouragement for the participants. I believe you are the perfect individual to share this philosophy within our company as well as with outside groups. Best Regards- Nancy.

René Toussaint (deelnemer aan de workshop persoonlijke effectiviteit, de kracht van taal).
Ik heb de workshop heel waardevol gevonden. Voor mij was het verrassend te ontdekken hoe sterk de uitwerking was van positief of negatief taalgebruik op mijn lichaam en geest. Wat voor mij ook helder werd was het onderscheid tussen probleem denken en doel denken en de effecten hiervan op mijn persoonlijke effectiviteit. Het was heel opmerkelijk hoeveel energie ik kreeg toen ik me richtte op het bereiken van een inspirerend doel i.p.v. stil te blijven staan bij het probleem.