Personal development and coaching

icebergYour life can suddenly take a turn for the worse. You become ill, you experience a lot of stress at work, you lose your job, your relationship ends, you suffer from burnout or depression……..
Sometimes these crises lead to an existential crisis, at which you question the very foundations of your life: whether your life has any meaning, purpose, or value.

Whether work-related or personal, when you are going through difficult times it is important to realize that we may have little control over our circumstances, we do have control over the way we deal with them. Moreover, important life lessons are hidden behind these circumstances, and uncovering them will give you access to whole new areas, talents and opportunities you did not have access to before.

Consider an iceberg, only a small part is visible, the rest is hidden below the surface. The iceberg symbolizes your full potential in life and work. The 10 % visible part represents your knowledge and skills; the conscious part of our personality. The large invisible part represents your inner motivations, believes, core qualities and hidden potential; the unconscious part driving 90% of our behavior. Most trainers and coaches focus on knowledge and skills, but is not the top of the iceberg, but the invisible part below the waterline that ultimately determines your success in life and work or.. “sinks the ship”.

Personal development and coaching by Life-Force will help you uncover the deeper meaning of your personal situation, explore your hidden potential and help you take steps towards fulfilling it.

Contact us for the possibilities for coaching in your organization. Coaching by Skype is also possible.

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