Better performance – less effort – more job & life satisfaction.
I will help you to become the best version of yourself!

When choosing me to be your coach, trainer or consultant, you choose to invest in an approach that leads to real and long lasting results. Therefore, in the beginning, a lot of attention is paid to analyzing your personal situation very accurately. Why? Because below your initial support questions, more essential issues are waiting to be addressed. And…tackling those issues will reveal better and more long lasting solutions to your issues. Like a good physician would tell you: ‘not your initial symptoms but the health problems causing the symptoms are the goal of my treatment’.

Steps you go through
My approach is tailored to your situation. How you learn and initiate changes and the methods I use to support you are dependent on what you need and works for you. The steps you go through are:

  • You come to me with a clear goal, complaint, question or something you wish to learn. In the first meeting you become familiar with me and my style. Together we explore your situation. Finally, I will explain what to expect from me and what I expect from you (motivation & commitment) while I help you in the development process.
  • You will learn to step out of your situation and see it clearly from different perspectives. I will help and challenge you to understand the situation better, how it was created and your role in creating it. Giving this new (self-)insight we will rediscuss what you really want to change in your situation.
  • We formulate the change project and necessary steps to realize the changes. We also agree on how you would like to be and behave during the change and how we will measure your progress.
  • You do the steps, you make assignments and you learn new skills. During the process, you are coached by me to learn from your failures (and not be stopped by them), to celebrate your successes and to reprogram your limiting believes. You are fully supported on your way to your goals.
  • You have made sufficient progress and can continue the changes yourself. We say good-bye.
  • Why my approach produces sustainable results:

    • I get to the core: I could just teach you a few new skills and give you excellent advice. However, in my approach I will challenge you to get to the core to discover the core issues underlying your initial questions. Getting to the core will help you to be really motivated to change and realize real and sustainable results.
    • I offer expertise and experience: Expertise and experience will guarantee that your personal situation is analysed very well before coming up with a approach.
    • My approach is tailored to your needs and personality: Every person is different, as well as any situation. After careful analysis of your situation, I will propose an approach which is tailored to your situation, needs and personality.
    • My approach is practical: Self-insight in your situation is key, but developing the new skills needed for the change are important too. So you develop new perspectives (which motivate you to change) and learn tools & skills to do things differently.
    • I will inspire you: Obviously, you will only change if you are motivated to do so. Next to self-insight I will continuously motivate you to become the better version of yourself (like a good sportscoach). Inspiration is the driving force behind your change; it initiates and keeps alive your desire for change.
    • I have compassion: I will listen to you with open ears, mind and heart.
    • I guarantee confidentiality and safety: You may express yourself in words and emotions as you wish. I offer you full confidentiality and safety. See the ethical code of conduct I adhere to.

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