Marieluise Wipperman (C.E.O. TecoMedical Group, Switzerland:
Consultant Peter Haima, has written my company’s mission statement. He was very professional in giving words to our deepest inspiration and values. I am very pleased with the result, the mission statement drives and inspires us in our activities and communication with customers.

Over the years, Peter Haima has performed numerous assignments for our company. Next to scientific reviews he has performed numerous business development assignments. We like his great business and scientific understanding of the medical field. His reviews, business reports and presentations are always excellent and his public speaking is outstanding.

Dr. Alan Smith, senior science & business consultant Somerset Consulting (USA, Grass Valley CA, 2011).
I have had the pleasure of working with Peter Haima over the past several years. I find Peter to be a talented business and people manager, with a clear sense of commitment to any project that he becomes involved in. He is an excellent communicator and has the ability to “think through” any given project before taking any action. He is well organized and a logical, clear thinker. His knowledge base with respect to medical diagnostics is both extensive, and of high quality.

Diane Wolfe, General manager Eurogentec Inc. North America (USA, April, 2011)
Peter is both a colleague and a mentor to those he works with, providing practical approaches and relevant guidance. He engages in productive dialogues to discuss issues, strategies, and effective communication. Peter has a broad range of experience in different business models and provides valuable suggestions and “tools” from his diverse roles and coaching activities. His background covers Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Coaching & Training to increase productivity and personal efectiveness.

Dr John Bremner, Business Development Director, Link Technologies Ltd (UK, March 2011)
We gave Peter a very difficult assignment! We needed a market assessment of a new technology and we needed it in an impossibly tight timescale. Peter’s extensive knowledge of the sector meant that he delivered a fully comprehensive report, on-time which allowed us to move forward on an important deal. Peter was very easy to work with. He picked up on the technology very quickly and used his experience to pinpoint all the key questions and provide answers to them. We were very satisfied with the results.