Depending on the situation, consulting can be the best approach for companies and non-profit organizations. The organization has a clear set of questions and needs advice first before entering into training or coaching activities.

  • Organizational advice. We analyze the key elements of the organization (mission, vision, strategy, structure, people, resources) to find which one(s) is/are the weakest link and needs optimization. Following the diagnosis, an improvement advice and, if rquired, an improvement plan is presented.
  • The enterpreneur dialogue. Inspiring dialogues between enterpreneur and enterpreneur and person and coach. How do I improve the performance of my organization, how do I grow as a professional and human being?
  • Interim-management: In case an external manager is needed to initiate a change or temporarily fill a vacant position.
  • Brainstorm sessions: When high levels of inspiration and creativity are needed. Out of the box but practical ideas are generated in group sessions.
  • Inspirational lectures and presentations: To start an event and get people in the right mental state.
  • Consulting for diagnostic and medical organizations: When scientific knowledge combined with  business expertise is needed for marketing new products or services.