Jolien (Graafschapcollege, Doetinchem, NL)
Peter gently broke down my defence wall and built up my self esteem again.

Anne-Fran├žoise Emontspohl (Eurogentec, Belgium).
Peter Haima is a very skilled and compassionate coach. I was facing a lot of work-related stress and I was fortunate to be coached by Peter. He helped me to stand up for myself, to ask for what I needed to feel better at work, to face challenges and projects I considered as too big for me. During the coaching he gave me enormous insight into my personality, by unfolding my unconscious inner motivations. This self-awareness was an eye-opener and helped me to start managing my behaviour and communication better. He also asked me the right questions to understand the costs and benefits of my counteractive behaviour and feelings, and this helped me to change my mind. Even now, in 2011, four years after the coaching took place, I am able to consider events from a distance, and to calm down emotions. Thanks to Peter’s help and coaching, I live in a great peace of mind and face with calm the new challenges that come into my life. I personally recommend Peter as a great coach for professional and personal issues.

Willemijn van de Wetering (Duiven, NL)
It was unbelievable. With a couple of months Peter’s sensitive coaching made me more self-aware, self-conscious and effective. I learned how to say ‘NO’ to other people and take a stand for myself. This has already saved me a lot of money in business negotiations. Peter learned me to take care of myself and continue my path of life without his help.