Medical writing and training

medical scienceThe 21st century is perhaps most significantly marked by rapid advances in the life sciences. Our understanding of genetics, physiology, psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics are rapidly changing our ideas about health, disease prevention and treatment.

In light of this progress within health science, crystal clear communication of  clinical and scientific data to health professionals, scientists and the general public is increasingly important.  Life-Force combines extensive knowledge of life sciences with advanced writing skills to communicate information and pitch it at the right level for the intended audience.

Life-Force is specialized in (review) articles and promotional materials for health professionals, In Vitro Diagnostic-, Molecular Diagnostic, -Biotech and Pharma companies:

  • Journal articles (research and review), abstracts.
  • Posters/presentations for conferences.
  • Promotional literature targeted at healthcare professionals, product monographs, reviews, product and company brochures.
  • Training of product- and sales managers, PowerPoint and training materials, e-learning modules.
  • Internet content for physicians and patients.
  • Patient education materials.

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