About us

Peter Haima - 1 Life-Force was originally founded on May 1st 2004 by Peter Haima as a consulting company for the life-science industry. With a PhD in Molecular Biology, Peter held various scientific and marketing positions in the In Vitro and Molecular Diagnostic industry. He combines over 20 years of management experience with 10+ years of experience in personal coaching & training. As a medical writer and trainer he has written many medical articles and has given numerous talks and trainings on various health topics.

In 2011, after being diagnosed for tongue cancer, he received extensive radiotherapy and started practicing yoga and mindfulness to recover from the severe side effects of the treatment. Being inspired by the very positive effects on body, mind and spirit, a new vision for Life-Force unfolded in which 21st century healthcare integrates the best of Western and Eastern health sciences to help people get and  stay healthy and develop their full potential in life.

Peter is a certified communication trainer, coach, yoga & mindfulness instructor.

Curriculum Vitae

1984  Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology and Chemistry (University Groningen, Netherlands).
1989  Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology (University Groningen, Netherlands).
1989-1992  Postdoctoral position at faculty of Molecular Microbiology (University Groningen, Netherlands).
1992-2010  Scientific and marketing positions in the In Vitro and Molecular Diagnostic industry. Speaker at many international scientific meetings.
2011 to present  Medical writer, trainer/coach, consultant, yoga and mindfulness instructor at Life-Force.

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Peter can be contacted at info@life-force-health.com. See also contact details.